Our first YouTube Video!

Hey Everyone. The weather has been exceptionally horrible here in the North East so far this spring. It has effected my riding time as well as the ability to test and troubleshoot some of the on bike filming. Because of this we had yet to post a video to YouTube, but with some indoor filming we were able to get our first video out on Sunday!

The first installment was a video about saving some money using a few websites and looking for the discounted items from open box, demo and blemished status. If you are in the market for some new gear check it out by clicking this link:Our Video

I mentioned that I needed time to troubleshoot above and boy is that true. I had gone for a ride on every nice or not raining day I could and filmed the ride, and I have a lot of video footage of the riding. The problem was the audio was horrible and literally unusable. My talking came out so loud that it was distorted to the point it was hard to understand me even when turned down to a normal level. I tried to record on my phone and on the voice recorder I had and every time the results were the same except the few times I got no sound at all.

I swallowed the bullet and purchased the Sena backpack for the GoPro, and as soon as I get a decent day I will try to test the setup. Fingers crossed!!!

We have many cool videos planned but it all is counting on good audio quality. Stay tuned as we will figure it out eventually.


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