Recent News October

What a crazy year so far. I hope everyone is well and staying healthy through this troubling time. It has been an off year for me as far as riding goes. The miles and rides have been few and far between, but the rides I have done were great.

If you have been following the channel, you know I have purchased a new bike! It has allowed me to explore more areas that were untouchable before. I am hoping that as my work schedule becomes more familiar that it will allow me to bring new and different content to the channel. I also may be able to ride later into the season and explore the area in a time many of you have not seen before.

One good thing about the Job and longer hours has been the ability to make some extra spending money, and with the pandemic the ability to save it because of travel restrictions. This has been beneficial because I have had some cash to purchase a drone as well as some camera tools to improve the content I will be putting out. With winter coming the drone footage from short rides could keep me valid through the winter this year.

As a parting thought I would like to thank you for sticking with me through this difficult year. It has been trying for everyone, and I appreciate you for being there for me! I have some new projects that should be releasing soon and I hope that you will enjoy what is to come. Please be good to each other!


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