April already!!

The time is just flying by here for me. I have a new job as some of you know and it has been a little crazy getting used to it. I work 10 hours for 4 days and have been putting in a half of day on Fridays as well. I basically get 4 hours each night to eat do a little realxing and get to bed and by the weekend am usually backed up on all of the things I didnt have time for during the week.

I am trying to rearrange my priorities each night to tackle more of the things I can as far as editing and things that go along with the Podcast so I have more time for Ride On Two. I am hoping the weather will break here shortly and allow me to get out and ride on a more frequent basis and do some filming. I intend to do less motovlog type videos and more this is where I went today type stuff. With the new 360 camera I will have a learning curve with the editing I am sure.

New and improved computer is inbound and should be here early next month. Hope this will help with the editing as the program tends to slow and bog on the current PC. I also have run into issues with what I wanted to do and the ability to process that in a larger file. Cutting things real small to make certain effects had me not wanting to deal with it and just edit for time instead. Oh well, hope the new PC does the trick!